Here’s What’s Open in Abaco

One of the best ways to help Abaco recover from Hurricane Dorian is to inject money into the local economy. The following businesses and services have reopened — please patronize them whenever you can.

Remember that details such as operating hours are fairly fluid right now. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to contact companies directly to confirm that info provided here is still current.

And of course, if you own or work for any of the businesses or services listed below and have updates, or you’d like me to include your reopened Abaco business on the list below, please send me an email.


  • Abaco Big Bird Poultry Farm – Though Dorian took their chickens and crops, Abaco Big Bird has set up a farm store selling meats, produce, milk, eggs and assorted drinks. They also serve ice cream on Fridays, and are selling ice for $3.50/10lb bag. Open Monday thru Saturday from 1pm to 6pm on South Great Abaco Highway. Check their Facebook page for updates.
Abaco Big Bird’s new General Store (Photo courtesy of Vandea Stuart, Fresh Fruit Arrangements by Vandea)
  • In Cherokee Sound, a restaurant is open in the green house on the shop corner (just down from the gas station.) Open 11am-3pm for lunch and 5pm-9pm for dinner. Call or WhatsApp (242) 458-2191 for daily menu or to order.
  • Nancy’s Seaside Restaurant in Sandy Point is open for lunch and (with reservations) dinner. Call Mercy at (242) 475-9413 for more information.
  • Oeishas Resort in Sandy Point is open. Call (242) 366-4139 or (314) 664-4106 for more information.
The Sandpiper Inn, Schooner Bay
  • Mama D’s Seaside Bar & Grill (Crossing Rocks) is open. Call (242) 807-4005 for further information.

GREATER MARSH HARBOUR (Incl. Dundas and Murphy Towns)

  • AB Architects (Gaetano Bonamy, IBA, RA, Architect, Designer, Developer) is open for business. Call (242) 577-0334 or email for details.
  • Abacays Carib Freight has reopened in the CJ’s Welding office. Call (242) 367-6247 or email for more info.
  • Abaco A & D Trucking is available for hauling containers and flat racks. Contact Peter at (242) 824-1373 or Timothy at (242) 577-1221 for details.
  • Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour Marina – Limited rooms and services currently available for recovery groups and NGOs. Their fuel dock is expected to be up and running by beginning of December. General occupancy will commence February 1, 2020 – rooms will be ready but resort will still be under construction as they prepare for grand reopening in April 2020. To inquire about availability of rooms mail For updates, visit their Facebook page.
  • Abaco Gas (propane) is open Monday-Friday 8am-2pm. Call (242) 819-5898, visit their Facebook page or email for info.
  • Abaco Insurance Agency has opened a temporary office at Maxwell’s to assist with underwriting needs only. (Claims still need to be processed through your assigned adjuster.) Office hours are 9am-3pm Monday through Friday. For more information, email or see their Facebook page.
  • Agape Family Dental Center in Marsh Harbour has reopened. See below for further details.
  • ALIV‘s mobile truck is selling cell phones and Aliv Internet boxes 10am-5pm Monday through Friday at the government freight dock.
  • Anthony’s Refrigeration (by appointment only) (242) 577-5913
  • Auto Marine Professionals (located near the airport roundabout across from Pinewoods) is open Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm. For an appointment, call (242) 801-2886.
  • Barefoot Car Rentals (on S.C. Bootle Highway, east of the hospital) is open every day from 8am-5:30pm They offer tire repairs, snacks and cold beverages, ALIV devices and top-ups and BTC top-ups. For more info, call (242) 577-7373.
  • Bargain Car Rentals (located near the domestic terminal at the Leonard Thompson International Airport.)
  • As of December 9, a Cable Bahamas Help Desk will be available at Maxwell’s Supermarket & Home Store (next to Frederick’s Agency). Representatives will be available Monday and Tuesday 9am–3pm and Wednesdays from 9am-noon.
  • Cable Bahamas Business Solutions – contact Leanne Russell at (242) 817-1675 or, or Chantelle Sands at (242) 801-7923 or
  • Calypso Hills Hideaways – A 6-room hotel and restaurant, plus car rentals. Call (242) 825-6175 or email or
  • Central Pines Liquors (in the Teachers and Salaried Cooperative Credit Union Plaza) is open daily 9am-9pm. Credit cards accepted.
Central Pines Liquors (Photo courtesy of Vandea Stuart, Fresh Fruit Arrangements by Vandea)
  • Chubs Kitchen (Central Pines) is open – to place an order, call (242) 475-2931 or (242) 808-4264.
Commonwealth Bank’s new branch inside Maxwell’s (Photo courtesy of Vandea Stuart, Fresh Fruit Arrangements by Vandea)
  • Commonwealth Bank is open inside Maxwell’s Supermarket & Home Store. Bank hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm and Friday from 9:30am – 2:30pm. A Commonwealth Bank ATM is also available at Maxwell’s.
New Commonwealth Bank ATM at Maxwell’s (Photo courtesy of Vandea Stuart, Fresh Fruit Arrangements by Vandea)
  • Computer Creations Available on a mobile basis for now, but will soon open a temporary retail location in MH for sales of computers and accessories, printers, ink and office supplies, as well as a business center for printing, copying and computer and printer use. For more information, call Johnell Curry-Russell at (242) 821-8722.
  • Cruise Abaco is accepting reservations for April 1, 2020 on. Check their website to learn more about the available fleet and book your captained or bareback charter.
  • Da Crabman Landscaping and Maintenance – Available for gutting houses and businesses, large tree removal, roof repairs (tarps, ice & water shield, shingles) as well as tree pruning, mowing, and debris removal. Contact Edwin Curry at (242) 559-8062.
  • Deuces Liquor Store (opposite St. Francis de Sales school)
  • Dr. Derrick Bailey (Veterinarian) is available weekdays and some weekends. Call him at (242) 577-0397 or (242) 812-7717.
  • Driftwood Food Company farm stand (on South Ernest Dean Highway, at the trailer with the pallet flags) is open Wednesday and Friday from 4pm-5:15pm, selling fresh greens and produce.
  • Frederick’s Agency (Brokerage and trucking)  is open at a temporary location inside Maxwell’s Supermarket and Home Store. Call (242) 818-1011 for more info or email,, or
  • G&L Ferries — As of November 4, their schedule is as follows.
    • Marsh Harbour to Hope Town: 6:30am, 9am, 11am and 3:30pm
    • Hope Town to Marsh Harbour: 7am, 9:45am, 1pm and 4pm
    • Marsh Harbour to Man-O-War: 6:30am, noon and 4:30pm
    • Man-O-War to Marsh Harbour: 8am, 1:30pm and 5pm
    • All Marsh Harbour runs depart from the Crossing.
    • Charters also available – for more information, contact Grant at (242) 359-6208 or Lyle at (242) 577-0611.
  • Government Complex – National Insurance (Tel: 242-397-7112, open 9am-1pm, M-F), Housing, Business License, Immigration, Administration, Road Traffic and Social Services are available. The labour board is open Wednesdays only. (Not yet open: post office and passport offices.)
  • Integrated Medical Center is open in the former Evergreen Mortuary building opposite the hospital. Call (242) 367-1304 or email
(Photo courtesy of Vandea Stuart, Fresh Fruit Arrangements by Vandea)
  • Joyce’s Kitchen – serving lunch. Call (242) 432-3684 or (242) 475-3962 for more information.
  • K&S Gas Station – serving gas and diesel
  • Lock Doctor (Locksmith) Phone (242) 577-4801
  • Lucayan Surveying Company (formerly in Memorial Plaza) is available for surveys. Contact Reggie via Whatsapp at (242) 477 5953 or Victor at (242) 577 5868, or email Cash or direct deposits (U.S. or Bahamian accounts) accepted.
Maxwell’s Supermarket (Photo courtesy of Vandea Stuart, Fresh Fruit Arrangements by Vandea)
  • Megan’s Place (Strachan Drive)
  • Ny’s Restaurant (Crockett Drive)
  • Park View Variety Store (Murphy Town – down the street from Patrick J. Bethel High School) Open daily from 7am-8pm, carrying various dry goods, fresh produce, toiletries and more. Call (242) 367-6403 for more info.
Park View Variety Store (Photo courtesy of Vandea Stuart, Fresh Fruit Arrangements by Vandea)
  • Parks & Parks Electrical Repairs and Installation. (Licensed Electrician) Contact Richard Parks at (242) 425-8357
  • Premier Importers (Lumber and building supplies) Open 8:30am – 2pm. Located off the roundabout on SC. Bootle Highway. See their Facebook page for latest updates.
Premier Importers (Photo courtesy of Vandea Stuart, Fresh Fruit Arrangements by Vandea)
  • Quality Star Rubis Gas Station (Marsh Harbour) is open daily 7am-4pm.
  • The Road Traffic Department has reopened. Road Traffic folks are also available at the “one stop shop” at the government complex.
  • Sheva’s Take-Away (Murphy Town) has reopened in their old location
  • Shell Gas Station (Dundas Town)
  • Shell Gas Station (Marsh Harbour)
  • Skyview Airport Restaurant and Bar at the Leonard Thompson Airport is open. Operating hours per flight schedule.


  • Abaco Inn – The inn has reopened to guests. The bar is open and breakfast, lunch and dinner are being served daily. See their Facebook Page for further updates.
  • Abaco Marine Mechanics – repairing boat engines, golf carts and generators – Email or call (242) 577-0319
  • Chopping Block is open for haircuts only. Call Monica Cook at (242) 375-9329 for appointment. (November 27th – Note, Monica is off the island and will be for a week.)
  • Clinic with Nurse Glori is open at the Yellowbird Cottage across from the fire house
  • Firefly Restaurant is open Monday through Saturday
  • Getaway Cart Rentals is open for business. Call (242) 357-6672 or (242) 477-5201 or email at
  • Harbour View Grocery is open 3pm to 5pm
  • Home Supplies Monday-Friday, 8am-noon
  • IslandBoy Excursions, operated by Francis Charles, is available for boat charters and transport between the Abaco mainland and the cays. Email or call (242) 808-1789.
  •  Island Cart Rentals is open. Call or WhatsApp (242) 577-0317, call (561) 208-8160 or email
  • Imports Unlimited (9am – 12pm, 1pm-4pm Monday through Friday)
  • LVA Grocery (Can anyone give me their hours?)
  • Lighthouse Liquors has reopened at Sip Sip from 2pm – 5pm, Monday through Saturday. (Beer, spirits, juice and sodas available)
  • Lighthouse Marina Gas and diesel available Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-pm. Please check in at the Post Office dock at 9am with jugs clearly marked gas or diesel and your name. Or pull up to the shoreline if you’re in a boat. For further info, call (242) 577-0283 or email
  • St. James Methodist Church
  • Vernon’s Bakery & Grocery – Fresh-baked bread and various groceries including milk and fresh produce. Radio him at VHF Ch 16.


  • Hibiscus Café – Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. For more info, contact Neil Albury at (242) 577-8007
  • Joe’s Studio is open Monday through Saturday 11:30am to 1:30pm. Call (242) 577-0338. (Note: on Thursdays, call ahead to ensure it’s open.)
  • Man-O-War Grocery – open Monday through Saturday, 8am-1pm and 6pm-8pm. For more information, contact Haziel McDonald at (242) 577-6449
  • MOW Hardware – open mornings, Monday through Saturday


  • Caribbean Landscape LTD has doubled its labour and equipment capacity to address local needs for landscaping, maintenance, lighting, clean up, irrigation, hardscape, drainage and design services. Call Brandon at (242) 377-1149 for more information.
  • Conch Pearl Estate Management (Property and Home Management) — Contact Charlotte Green at (242) 577-4158 or
  • Fig Tree Wine & Spirits is open Monday through Saturday 6am-4pm, with a selection of non-perishable items.
  • Great Guana Cay Clinic is open Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Free ice is available at the Great Guana Command Center
  • The Grocery Store is now open Monday – Saturday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Located at Jamie’s Lumber Yard silver trailer.
  • Guana Lumber is open and fully operational. Free drinking water available here. To order supplies, contact Jamie at (242) 477-5765 or
  • Mama’s Take Away is now open for lunch with a limited menu
  • Orchid Bay is open for gas and diesel – available metered at the roadside next to their tanks. Gas and diesel can also be taken out to the docks in 100 gallon containers by forklift and pumped from there to boats. Monday to Saturday 8am to 4pm. Sunday by appt only. Cash only at this time. Laundry service is partially open. Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.
  • Sands Construction – Charles Sands is available to deliver 1,000 gallon loads of water for filling cisterns and can also pick up freight from the landing and deliver to your home. For more information, call (242) 577-0332.

For the latest Guana Cay news, tune in to “As The Fig Tree Grows” on VHF Channel 11 at 1pm daily.


  • The Green Turtle Cay Community Clinic is open 9am-3pm Monday through Friday, and on call evenings and weekends.
  • The Green Turtle Cay Town Council Office is open Monday through Friday, 9am to noon.
  • Ice available from Mark and Carol Jean Lowe (of Kool Karts).
  • Island Property Management has a few properties available for rent, with more to come. Contact them at or (242) 357-6566.
  • Pineapples Bar & Grill is open every day from 4pm. They plan to begin opening for lunch soon – check their Facebook page for latest information.
  • Rhett Roberts (Mini-split A/C cleaning, replacement and installation.) Call (242) 357-6591 or email
  • Roberts Hardware is open 9am-4:30pm Monday through Friday and 9am-noon on Saturdays.
  • Sid’s Groceries (includes fresh produce, dairy items and some frozen meats)
Sid’s Groceries
  • Shavon’s – household goods, some clothing, etc.
  • Sundowners – Open Fridays and Saturdays for drinks at the outside bar.
  • Two Shortys is open for lunch (11am-3pm) with a limited menu.


  • Fruity Freddie Farms is still producing their great sauces and jellies. For more information, email or call (242) 551-7411.
  • Rubis Gas Station is open in Treasure Cay
  • Seve’s Mobile Storage & Heavy Equipment Services (see below) is scheduled to open in Treasure Cay December 2, serving all of Abaco.
  • Treasure Cay Airport is functioning. Bahamasair is flying to and from Nassau to TC, and a number of private planes are landing here. Customs is available.

For regular updates from Treasure Cay, visit the Treasure Cay Community Facebook page.


  • Abaco Pine Spring Water & Ice (delivers throughout Abaco) is open Monday through Saturday 8am – 8pm
  • Administrator Mrs. Terrece Bootle-Laing’s office is open


  • Mills Gas Station/Hardware (Cedar Harbour) Phone: (242) 475-8044
  • Pinder’s Ferry Service (Crown Haven to Maclean’s Town, Grand Bahama) Departs Crown Haven at 7am and 2:30pm, and departs Maclean’s Town for Crown Haven at 8:30am and 4pm. For more info, email or call (242) 441-3069, (242) 557-6624 or (242) 806-0924
  • V&M Dry Cleaners (Mount Hope, Little Abaco) First blockhouse on the hill as you enter Mount Hope. Open Mon-Fri 8:30am-6pm. Call (242) 475-8017 for more information.


  • Spanish Cay Resort Fuel is available and the Pointhouse Bar and Restaurant is open with limited hours and menu. Call in advance on VHF Channel 16 or (954) 213-6195. Credit cards accepted. Check their Facebook page for latest updates.


  • Abaco Health Services’ Mobile Medical Unit with Dr. James Hull will be visiting communities throughout Abaco according to a weekly schedule, which will be posted on their Facebook page.
  • JCI Heavy Equipment and Trucking – (242) 829-3382
  • Loader/Tractor Services – Clayton Colebrooke – (242) 471-5148
  • M&K Security Services – (242) 577-7702
  • Mark Douglas, Taxi #13 – Phone: (242) 577-7702 (Also offering debris removal and home gutting services)
  • Russell’s Taxi Service:
    • Debbie Russell (Taxi #134) – Phone (242) 805-6419 or (242) 475-3259 or email:
    • Walter “Lil Russ” Russell (Taxi #130) – Phone (242) 553-7425 or email
  • Zion’s Landscaping – Rodney Stuart – (242) 475-3062

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