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Fun Times and Simple Pleasures

My grandmother and her sisters did it. My Mom and her siblings, too. And my cousins Renee and Marie and I tried – though my great-grandmother, afraid we’d injure ourselves, refused to give us hooks.

My Dad, Rudy Diedrick

Fishing from the dock is a Bahamian tradition, particularly in the out islands. My Dad, especially, loved to fish from Green Turtle Cay’s freight dock in the evenings.

The year he turned 70, we celebrated his birthday on the cay. One weekend during that trip, my cousin Ghandi and her family were visiting from Nassau and we put together an impromptu family fishing tournament.

Ghandi’s son, Harry — an avid fisherman — and I worked out the rules. Each competitor would kick in $5, and the pot would be split between two winners: the person who caught the most fish, and the person who caught the biggest fish.

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