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Rest in Peace, Oreo

I was so sad to learn this morning that one of our famous Green Turtle Cay potcakes, Oreo, has died. Oreo had a huge and adventurous spirit, one that even the loss of a leg couldn’t dampen.

My favourite memory of her was watching Oreo hop aboard golf carts (whether she knew the driver mattered not) to catch rides between town and her home at Linton’s Cottages.

It’s International Potcake Day

What’s a potcake, you ask? And why does it have its own day?

Meet Kismet, a Bahamian potcake currently being fostered by the North Abaco Potcake Rescue. And yes, all potcake pups really are this adorable!

A potcake is a mixed-breed dog, indigenous to the Bahamas or the Turks & Caicos islands. Nobody knows for sure where the name originated, but many Bahamians believe it came from the thick, leftover mixture that remained on the bottom of a pot of rice after multiple reheatings. This “potcake,” as it was known, was often fed to stray mutts.

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