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The Sinking of the M/V Arawak

For as long as Abaco has been inhabited, Abaconians have relied on the sea for their livelihoods. From sponging and sharking to shipping and transport, the work was often arduous and dangerous, and navigation aids and devices were rudimentary compared with what we have today.

Wreck of the M/V Arawak - September 23, 1941

The crew of the Arawak: 1) Albert Lowe, 2) Ronald Hodgkins, 3) John D. (De Glanville) Gates, 4) Luddington Lowe, 5) unknown, 6) Captain Roland Roberts, 7) George Roberts, 8) unknown and 9) unknown.

On the morning of September 23, 1941, the 115-ft, 210-ton British ship M/V Arawak, departed Jacksonville, Florida, bound for the Bahamas. She carried an assortment of freight, including a saw mill destined for Abaco.

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