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A Death in the Family

Vertrum Albert Lowe (April 20th, 1933 – May 21, 2017)

A week ago Monday morning, I was walking Wrigley past Harvey’s Island Grill when I noticed a sign posted near the door: “Closed due to a death in the family.”

I knew what that meant. My cousin Vertrum Lowe, grandfather to the Sawyer sisters who operate Harvey’s, had passed away.

He had been sick for a while. But knowing the end was coming didn’t make it any easier when it arrived.

Born during the aftermath of the worst hurricane ever to hit Green Turtle Cay, Vert was the oldest child of Albert and Annie (Curry) Lowe. Though they grew up in a time of poverty and need, Vert and his young friends made fun out of the little they had.

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