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Abaco Artist Accepted into Savannah College of Art & Design’s Rising Star Program

Marsh Harbour’s Jovan Bailey, 16, has been accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Rising Star Program. This intensive, five-week program gives talented high school seniors a taste of the university experience.

Students enroll in (and receive credit for) two college-level classes, in which they can build or expand their artistic portfolios. Participants have access to all university resources in completing their work, and are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular group activities such as visits to local art galleries and museums. They live in university residences and enjoy their meals at a SCAD dining hall.

Abaco Artist Accepted into Savannah College of Art and Design’s Rising Star Program

Jovan Bailey and his Mom, Michelle, with a painting he created as a birthday present for her.

An eleventh-grader at Forest Heights Academy, Jovan has been passionate about art and crafts for as long his art teacher, Lori Thompson, can remember. “He has been an active member in our Junkanoo program since grade 7, building and decorating costumes,” she says. “He’s spent a few summers in art programs in Nassau, but this is definitely a step up.”

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