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Reader Q&A – Anyone Recognize This Book?

Does Anyone Recognize This Book About Abaco

I received the following query from a reader yesterday. I don’t know the book she describes. Does anyone recognize it?

“I purchased a book many years ago written by a German woman who traveled to the Abacos with her husband who was a doctor. I’m guessing around 1940s. She died before she finished it. Her daughter found the manuscript and finished the book. I loved reading the book so much I passed it around to a friend and who passed it to a friend and so on. I cannot remember the title or author. I wonder if you can help. Love to track it down.”

If you know the name and/or author of the book she’s looking for, please respond in the comment section below. Thanks!

The Salt Pig

The things I learn through this blog! I received some interesting and creative guesses as to what our unidentified object was — everything from bee fogger to watering can to bed warmer and even a bed pan.

Can you help identify this find from Green Turtle Cay's Albert Lowe Museum?

This salt pig, donated by Pat and John Robertshaw, is on permanent display at Green Turtle Cay’s Albert Lowe Museum.

But thanks to S. Allwood and David Chudley, we now know it’s a salt pig.

Reader Q&A: Pet Import Permit

I often receive queries from blog followers about various topics related to visiting Abaco. To assist other readers who might have the same questions, I’m launching a regular Reader Q&A feature. Today’s Q&A has to do with importing pets to the Bahamas.

Question: Do you have to get a new pet import permit for Wrigley every time you bring him into the Bahamas?

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