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The Salt Pig

The things I learn through this blog! I received some interesting and creative guesses as to what our unidentified object was — everything from bee fogger to watering can to bed warmer and even a bed pan.

Can you help identify this find from Green Turtle Cay's Albert Lowe Museum?

This salt pig, donated by Pat and John Robertshaw, is on permanent display at Green Turtle Cay’s Albert Lowe Museum.

But thanks to S. Allwood and David Chudley, we now know it’s a salt pig.

Reader Q&A: Pet Import Permit

I often receive queries from blog followers about various topics related to visiting Abaco. To assist other readers who might have the same questions, I’m launching a regular Reader Q&A feature. Today’s Q&A has to do with importing pets to the Bahamas.

Question: Do you have to get a new pet import permit for Wrigley every time you bring him into the Bahamas?

Introducing the Little House by the Ferry Merchandise Collection

I’m super excited to introduce the Little House by the Ferry product line of island-inspired stationery, home décor and wall art, all based on my photographs of the Bahamas.

Framed and Unframed Photo Prints

The line includes framed, unframed and canvas prints, decorative pillows, acrylic blocks, tote bagsnotebooks, greeting cards, postcards, stickers and more!

These are items that I would (and do) buy for myself and as gifts, and I hope you’ll like them as well. For me, they’re a way of bringing a bit of the Bahamas to wherever I happen to be.

Acrylic Blocks

To create this line, I’ve joined up with RedBubble, a company that helps photographers and artists convert their photography into premium-quality items available for online purchase. Though it’s not the only company offering this service, I chose RedBubble for several reasons:

  • Their quality is top-notch. I’ve ordered numerous items from RedBubble and all have been of excellent quality. Their products are always well-packaged and considering they’re made to order, shipping times are quite speedy.
  • Their product selection is extensive – everything from greeting cards to canvas prints to wall clocks. Most items come in different sizes and with the framed prints, you’re able to choose your frame style and colour and mat colour as well.

RedBubble offers excellent value and exclusivity. You may be able to find cheaper items online, but I’m not interested in producing “cheap” items. I want to create products that you’ll be proud to give as a gift or display in your home.

Canvas Prints

To browse my Redbubble store by product category, choose Shop. From there, you can select a specific item category, such as Wall Art, Home Décor, Stationery, Bags, etc.

You can also browse by image category by selecting the Portfolio link. For the moment, images are organized into the following categories: Beaches, Tropical Flowers (Colour and Black & White) and Sunrises and Sunsets. I’ll continue to add new photo collections and new images to the existing collections over time.

Throw Pillows and Cushion Covers

I really hope you like this product line, and I’d love to hear your feedback. If you have comments or questions that aren’t answered here or on RedBubble’s FAQ page, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Introducing the Little House by the Ferry Collection of Island-Inspired Home Décor, Stationery and Wall Art

Saharan Dust Storms Affect Bahamian Weather

Just last night, I wondered why we haven’t had as many thunderstorms in recent days as we normally do this time of year. This morning, when I logged onto Facebook, Bahamian meteorologist Wayne Neely had posted an explanation:

Dust blows west from the Sahara Desert to North and South America.

“I have been getting a lot of calls and emails,” he wrote, “about the appearance of the ‘milky white skies’ and the red-hued appearance of the rising and setting sun over The Bahamas for the last few days. The haze is Saharan dust that has drifted more than 4,000 miles from Africa, and abnormally heavy concentrations currently are blanketing the main region of the Atlantic where storms develop.”

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