Pineapples as Christmas Trees?

It’s no secret that I love pineapple-themed decor. Perhaps it hearkens back to my Loyalist roots, since pineapples were a common Colonial symbol of friendship and hospitality.

Pineapples as Christmas Trees?

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Tom and I used pineapples as the motif on our wedding invitations. I recently purchased a gorgeous antique pineapple to frame and hang at Fish Hooks. And I’m on a mission to find the perfect pineapple finial for our front gate post.

But has anyone else noticed that lately, pineapples are being used to decorate in new and very creative ways? Continue reading

Daily Photo – November 17, 2017

It’s Reader Photo Friday!

Sunset in Abaco, Bahamas.

Thanks to reader K.A. for this beautiful after-sunset photo!

Got photos of Abaco you’d like to share? Send them to amanda(at)littlehousebytheferry(dot)com, and be sure to put “Reader Photo” in the subject line.Save

The Model Ships of Albert Lowe

Of the many remarkable treasures housed in the Albert Lowe Museum, some of my favourites are the model ships. Most were built by Albert Lowe, for whom the museum is named.

The model ships of Green Turtle Cay's Albert Lowe

Oil painting of Albert Lowe, by his son, Alton Lowe.

Just inside the museum’s front door is this model of the four-masted schooner, Marie J. Thompson, the largest sailing ship ever built in the Bahamas. Continue reading

Celebrating Eric Sawyer

For those who have asked, a Celebration of Life Service for Eric Sawyer will be held at Green Turtle Cay’s New Plymouth Gospel Chapel this Saturday, November 18 at 2:00 p.m. The family asks that you wear something blue, since it was Eric’s favourite colour.

Photo credit: Vaughan Carroll

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Can You Name These Green Turtle Kids?

Came across this photo while I was going through some archives last night. It was taken in Green Turtle Cay sometime around 1970 – give or take a few years. How many of these kids can you name?

In fact, why don’t we make it interesting? Continue reading

The Beginning of Our Fish Hooks Journey (aka the Most Stressful Day of my Life)

Last week, when I published the latest Fish Hooks restoration update, I included a “before” photo of the house, as well as a more recent image.

Fish Hooks “Before” – January 2006

Several people pointed out that the yard looks so much larger in the current photograph, and asked whether we moved the house.

Fish Hooks – July 2017

I realized that a lot of Little House by the Ferry readers who’ve joined us more recently may not know about the day in January 2014 when we first began our Fish Hooks journey.

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