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The Ferries Beside Our Little House

IMG_2760 2Late one afternoon, during a wild lightning storm, I sat on the front porch at Fish Hooks watching the Green Turtle Cay ferries come and go. Disproving the perception that everything here runs on “island time,” our ferry service is operated — in fair weather and foul — with near-military precision by captains who are unfailingly professional and pleasant.

GTC Bids Farewell to a Long-Time Friend

Abaco residents lost a dear friend on Tuesday, September 8 when American entertainer, Joy Martone, passed away unexpectedly.

James Mastin, Joy Martone, Bahamas, Abaco, Green Turtle Cay, Alton Lowe, Lowe Gallery

James Mastin and Joy Martone perform for a sold-out audience in Green Turtle Cay.

For 28 consecutive years, Joy participated in concerts and shows throughout Abaco. Together with performers James Mastin, Mel Arnold, Steve Thomas, T.L. Brown, and various Bahamian singers, musicians and school children, she entertained the communities of Green Turtle Cay, Marsh Harbour and Hope Town.

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