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A Year Later, Eric’s Light Shines On

A few months back, I attended a memorial service for Green Turtle Cay’s Eric Sawyer, who passed away unexpectedly a year ago this week.

Dozens of Eric’s family members, friends and Buddy Cruise pals from near and far gathered at his family’s bar, Sundowners, for an afternoon of reminiscing, music, laughter and more than a few tears.

The Most Loved Person on Green Turtle Cay

My heart, like so many others, was shattered this morning when I learned that Green Turtle Cay’s Eric Sawyer, passed away unexpectedly last night.

Eric was the most joyful soul I have ever known. He was kind and funny and gregarious, and had more friends than any of us could count.

He kept careful track of birthdays and hand-made cards for family and friends. With his funny Facebook photos and comments, and updates about his favourite TV show, “Girl meets World”, he made us laugh.

Eric was a long-time Special Olympian who trained and competed in both bocce and track and field. He loved to travel, and just this past week returned from his annual Buddy Cruise.

A Death in the Family

Vertrum Albert Lowe (April 20th, 1933 – May 21, 2017)

A week ago Monday morning, I was walking Wrigley past Harvey’s Island Grill when I noticed a sign posted near the door: “Closed due to a death in the family.”

I knew what that meant. My cousin Vertrum Lowe, grandfather to the Sawyer sisters who operate Harvey’s, had passed away.

He had been sick for a while. But knowing the end was coming didn’t make it any easier when it arrived.

Born during the aftermath of the worst hurricane ever to hit Green Turtle Cay, Vert was the oldest child of Albert and Annie (Curry) Lowe. Though they grew up in a time of poverty and need, Vert and his young friends made fun out of the little they had.

A Difficult Goodbye


Rudolph Victor (“Rudy”) Diedrick
May 8, 1945 – October 22, 2016

If you’re a regular reader of Little House by the Ferry, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting as often as I normally do. I’ve even missed a few weeks’ worth of Daily Photo postings. And while I gave it my best shot, I wasn’t able to complete NaBloPoMo. 

It’s not that I’ve lost interest in the blog. The truth is that on Saturday morning, October 22, my Dad, Rudy Diedrick, passed away.

Though he had an illness that we knew would ultimately be terminal, his death was sudden and unexpected and a terrible shock for our family. I flew to Vancouver Island that day, and spent the rest of 2016 there, helping my Mom as she adjusts to a new way of life.

It’s taken me a while to feel ready, but I wanted to share a bit about my Dad.

Farewell to a Friend

Late last week, Tom and I received some sad news from Green Turtle Cay. Our neighbour, Winston “Winkie” Wilson, has passed away.

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Photo courtesy of Denise McCauley/Linda Waller

Winkie was a fascinating and complex character. With his silvery beard and unruly, greying dreadlocks, he was hard to miss. He was funny, flawed and sometimes surly. He did not suffer fools gladly. He was intelligent and well-read.

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