We Have Liftoff! Those Who Stayed Has Officially Launched

In addition to commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Albert Lowe Museum, An Evening to Remember on January 7 was also the official launch of my coffee table book, Those Who Stayed. I’m pleased to report that it went very, very well!

The Launch of Those Who Stayed - a coffee table book about the history of Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas.

Alton and me at the book signing table

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Daily Photo – November 28, 2016

Capt Roland Roberts and Harold Lowe with Turtle

Photo courtesy of the Albert Lowe Museum, Green Turtle Cay

It’s Museum Monday! Today’s photo shows Captain Roland Roberts (left) and Harold Lowe with a large turtle. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, turtle fishing was a lucrative occupation. Whereas a full day’s work earned a Green Turtle Cay labourer less than two shillings, one hawksbill turtle shell could bring in £8-10.



Hints of the Past: Where Those Stairs Lead

As I recently wrote, you’ll spot hints of Green Turtle Cay’s history all around. One glimpse into the past can be found right in the center of town. Across from the basketball court is a small pink building, with stone stairs that seem to lead nowhere. It’s the old New Plymouth gaol.

Hints of Green Turtle Cay's Past: Ye Olde Gaol

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Can You Help Create An Evening to Remember?

As I posted last week, we’re planning an elegant cocktail reception/fundraiser at the Bluff House Beach Resort on January 7, 2017 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Green Turtle Cay’s Albert Lowe Museum.

I’ve volunteered to collect donations of merchandise and/or services to be used as door prizes and silent auction items. Can you help? If so, please get in touch with me.

Door Prizes and Silent Auction Items Needed for An Evening to Remember. Can you help?

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Daily Photo – November 7, 2016

Mrs. Shirley Roberts at the Bahamas Airways Office

Photo courtesy of the Island Roots Heritage Festival organizing committee

Today’s Museum Monday image is from the mid-1900s, and shows Mrs. Shirley Roberts in front of the Bahamas Airways office. Bahamas Airways operated a seaplane service between Nassau and Green Turtle Cay from the late 1940s to the late 1950s.



Hints of Green Turtle Cay’s Past: The Wreck of the U.S.S. San Jacinto

One thing I learned while writing Those Who Stayed is that, though time and circumstances have erased much evidence of Green Turtle Cay’s fascinating history, a few clues remain — if you know where to look.

Hints of Green Turtle Cay's Past: The Wreck of the U.S.S. San JacintoOne glimpse into the cay’s past can be found along the Settlement Creek waterfront…

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Daily Photo – October 31, 2016

Making Rope - Photo courtesy of the Albert Lowe Museum

Making Rope – Photo courtesy of the Albert Lowe Museum

Today’s Museum Monday photo is from the early to mid-1900s, and features local men making rope. Rope was commonly made from locally grown sisal. I don’t know who the people are in the image, but the photograph was taken on the road between Sundowners and the freight dock.