Early-Morning Visitors

Our dog, Wrigley, and I have a morning routine while we’re in Green Turtle Cay. Job one, of course, is to satisfy his physical needs. Then, we head down to the dock, so he can check on the boat and evict the seagulls from “his” dock — tasks he takes quite seriously.

Wrigley on Seagull Patrol

One morning, as Wrigley faced off against a pair of stubborn gulls, I stood on the dock, enjoying the cool air. At the sound of strange, wet breathing, I glanced to my left. Twenty feet or so from the dock were two dolphins.

It was one of those dilemmas – do I dash back to the cottage for my camera and maybe miss the moment, or do I just appreciate it for now? Normally, I’d opt for the former, but this time I decided to just enjoy the experience. I stayed put.

And so did the dolphins. They swam lazy loops around the dock, then wider circles across the sound. Fifteen minutes later, when it seemed clear they weren’t in a hurry, I took a chance and ran up to the house. I grabbed my camera and Tom scooped up the boat keys.

We motored to the middle of the harbour and cut the engine, watching as the dolphins – who we thought might be mother and calf, since one seemed quite a bit larger than the other – explored Black Sound.

At one point, they dove beneath our boat just as Tom submerged his underwater video camera.

After frolicking for an hour or so, the pair made their way back toward the Sea of Abaco. Hungry and happy to have experienced these beautiful creatures up close, we started the engine and headed for home.