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Help Rescue Bahamian Potcakes Through AmazonSmile

Did you know you can help rescue, feed and care for stray Bahamian dogs and cats just by shopping online at Amazon?

Potcake Domino, adopted in 2015.

Potcake Domino, rescued by RPR and adopted in 2015.

Through the AmazonSmile program, you’ll get exactly the same Amazon prices, selection and shopping experience as always. But Amazon will donate 0.5% of your total purchase price to the AmazonSmile charity of your choice – in this case, Royal Potcake Rescue USA.

For example, if you buy something that costs $100, Amazon will donate 50¢ to Royal Potcake Rescue. If you’re an Amazon regular, like Tom and me, your donations can really add up.

To participate in the AmazonSmile program, click here. (If you’re not already logged on to Amazon, you may need to do so, using your normal Amazon log-in information.)

Royal Potcake Rescue USA helps to rescue, feed, spay/neuter, transport and find foster and permanent homes for stray dogs (and cats) in Abaco, Bahamas. During 2015, RPR helped to care for and rehome more than 200 animals, including 39 Bahamian potcakes. They also sponsored the spaying/neutering of more than 400 dogs and cats in Abaco.

Here are just a few of the Bahamian potcakes who recently found new forever homes, thanks to Royal Potcake Rescue.

Please share this post with all the Amazon shoppers in your life. And here are some other ways you can support Royal Potcake Rescue and help the potcakes and potcats of Abaco.

All photos courtesy of Royal Potcake Rescue USA.

A Force For Good

My husband Tom often says that dogs are a force for good in the world and the more time I spend with Wrigley, the more I’m convinced he’s right. In that spirit, I’m reposting this video in hopes of bringing a bit of levity and light to what, for many, have been dark days.

“One of the greatest gifts we receive from dogs is the tenderness they evoke in us. The disappointments of life, the injustices, the battering events that are beyond our control, and the betrayals we endure, from those we befriended and loved, can make us cynical and turn our hearts into flint – on which only the matches of anger and bitterness can be struck into flame. By their delight in being with us, the reliable sunniness of their disposition, the joy they bring to playtime, the curiosity with which they embrace each new experience, dogs can melt cynicism,and sweeten the bitter heart.” 

— Dean Koontz, A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog

Happy National Dog Day!

Ok, so technically, National Dog Day was yesterday. But it’s always the right time to celebrate our furry friends. I’ve posted this before, but it’s my absolute favourite video of our dog, Wrigley, enjoying the beach at Gillam Bay on Green Turtle Cay.

Wrigley was found wandering alone in Pasadena’s Memorial Park in early April 2010. He had no ID or collar. On his back was a quarter-sized scar of unknown origin. He was about five months old. Three weeks later, Tom and I adopted him from the Pasadena SPCA/Humane Society.

Wrigley, on the day we brought him home from the Pasadena SPCA/Humane Society

Wrigley on his first day with us – April 22, 2010

Truthfully, we hadn’t planned to adopt a pet. I had some old, worn towels kicking around and I thought the Humane Society could use them.

Tom begged me not to make him come along. “I can’t look at all those faces,” he said. “We’ll end up bringing home a dog.”

“Don’t be silly,” I told him. “We won’t.”

Never have I been more glad to be wrong. Over the past five years, this 14-pound bundle of mischief and mirth has brought immeasurable happiness into our lives. He’s smart, funny and terrific company for me while Tom’s on the road. And he’s a rock star traveler, always eager to hop into his carrier and tag along on an adventure.bahamas, abaco, green turtle cay, dog, beach, travel with pet

Here in Pasadena, we’re fortunate to have a terrific Animal Control service, a sparkling new SPCA/Humane Society shelter and no shortage of staff or volunteers to care for stray or homeless animals.

Dogs in Abaco aren’t nearly as lucky. Many live in the bush where they’re forced to forage for food scraps and a few drops of water. Even some who aren’t technically homeless spend their days neglected, hungry and chained up in the heat or the rain. And I don’t think I’ve ever made the drive from Treasure Cay to Marsh Harbour and back without spotting at least one severely malnourished or injured (or worse) dog alongside the road.

Fortunately, an amazing group of angels is working tirelessly to rescue, feed and care for Abaco’s potcakes and potcats and reduce the stray population through spay and neuter clinics. They include:

To all the above groups and individuals — and to everyone who has adopted a rescue or contributed time or resources toward improving the lives of helpless animals — thank you from Wrigley, Tom and me.

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