The Brutal Truth About Columbus: What They Didn’t Teach Us in School

In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”

How many of us learned this cheery verse in primary school? In easy-to-memorize rhyming couplets, it relates the tale of Christopher Columbus, a brave and benevolent explorer.

But, as I learned while researching my book, Those Who Stayed, the truth about Columbus is infinitely darker than this perky, whitewashed version. Here, excerpted from the book, is the part of Columbus’ story that you probably weren’t taught in school.

The heartbreaking truth about Christopher Columbus - what they didn't teach you in school...

“Men from Heaven,” an oil painting by Bahamian artist, Alton Lowe

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Green Turtle Cay’s Island Roots Heritage Festival Wins Cacique Award

Congratulations to Green Turtle Cay’s Island Roots Heritage Festival organizing committee, who were recognized with a Cacique Award in Nassau April 8.

Congratulations to the organizing committee of Green Turtle Cay's Island Roots Heritage Festival on winning a Cacique Award, which recognizes individuals and organizations who contribute towards the Bahamian tourist industry. (Photo by Ruth Saunders.)

Annabelle Roberts Cross (left) and Trina Cooper of the Island Roots Heritage Festival with their Cacique Award. (Photo: Ruth Saunders)

The Cacique Awards recognize individuals and organizations who positively impact the Bahamian tourism industry. The award was accepted by current festival committee chairperson, Annabelle Roberts Cross. Continue reading

Ronnie Butler Jr. Gives Rare Bahamian Performance January 7 on Green Turtle Cay

Every Bahamian knows the name Ronnie Butler. Dubbed “the godfather of Bahamian music,” his calypso rhythms and satirical lyrics have been woven into the country’s cultural tapestry for more than fifty years.

What some may not realize, however, is that Butler’s son and namesake – known as Ron – is also a multi-talented entertainer. And though he has sung and acted on stages the world over, Ronnie Butler Jr. has not performed in his home country for decades.

Ronnie Butler Jr. Gives Rare Bahamian Performance January 7

Ronnie Butler Jr.

On January 7, however, he’ll perform at Green Turtle Cay’s Bluff House Beach Resort as part of An Evening to Remember, a cocktail reception and fundraiser commemorating the 40th anniversary of the island’s Albert Lowe Museum. Continue reading

Last Call for Tickets to “An Evening To Remember” January 7 on GTC

Last Call for Tickets to "An Evening To Remember" January 7 on Green Turtle CayIf you haven’t yet bought tickets for An Evening to Remember, taking place at Bluff House Beach Resort & Marina on January 7, you’ve got less than two weeks! We need to provide a final headcount a week before the event, meaning tickets will only be sold until December 31. No tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

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Can You Help Create An Evening to Remember?

As I posted last week, we’re planning an elegant cocktail reception/fundraiser at the Bluff House Beach Resort on January 7, 2017 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Green Turtle Cay’s Albert Lowe Museum.

I’ve volunteered to collect donations of merchandise and/or services to be used as door prizes and silent auction items. Can you help? If so, please get in touch with me.

Door Prizes and Silent Auction Items Needed for An Evening to Remember. Can you help?

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Introducing “Those Who Stayed”

I’m beyond excited to share this with all of you! It’s Those Who Stayed, my full-colour coffee table book about the history of Green Turtle Cay. I sent the very last few edits to the printer today and, in about five weeks, the first batch of books will arrive. On Sale Now! Those Who Stayed: The tale of the hardy few who built Green Turtle Cay.

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GTC’s Lowe Art Gallery Opens for the Season

Green Turtle Cay's Lowe Art Gallery Opens for the Season The Lowe Art Gallery on Green Turtle Cay — which features a selection of oil paintings by Bahamian fine artist and Green Turtle Cay native Alton Lowe and sculptures by James Mastin — opens this morning for the spring/summer season. Continue reading

Sale of Custom Heritage Quilt to Benefit GTC’s Albert Lowe Museum

Wild horses. Candy-striped lighthouses. Sailing dinghies. Curly-tailed lizards. What do they have in common? All are iconic elements of Abaco history. And all, along with fourteen other emblems of Abaco’s past and present, are featured on a colourful, quilted wall hanging created to benefit the Albert Lowe Museum.

Sale of Custom Heritage Quilt to Benefit the Albert Lowe Museum

The Green Turtle Cay Quilting Group: Elizabeth Allen (top left), Ami Rutledge (bottom left), Susan Bassendale (top right) and Mandy Roberts (bottom right)

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Prints of Select Alton Lowe Paintings Are Available at Albert Lowe Museum

Since a few readers have asked, I did a little digging and discovered that yes, prints of selected works by Bahamian artist and Green Turtle Cay native, Alton Lowe, are available for sale on the cay.

Alton Lowe art prints are available at the Albert Lowe Museum on Green Turtle Cay

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