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News from GTC’s Albert Lowe Museum

If you haven’t visited Green Turtle Cay’s Albert Lowe Museum lately, you should definitely drop by and meet our new volunteer tour guide, Esther Bethel.

A descendant of the Roberts family who built the home which now houses the museum, Esther would love to give you a tour, share her knowledge of Abaco’s history and show you original oil paintings by world-renowned Bahamian artist (and museum founder) Alton Lowe.

The Model Ships of Albert Lowe

Of the many remarkable treasures housed in the Albert Lowe Museum, some of my favourites are the model ships. Most were built by Albert Lowe, for whom the museum is named.

The model ships of Green Turtle Cay's Albert Lowe

Oil painting of Albert Lowe, by his son, Alton Lowe.

Just inside the museum’s front door is this model of the four-masted schooner, Marie J. Thompson, the largest sailing ship ever built in the Bahamas.

June 29 Book Signing Benefits the Albert Lowe Museum

The Albert Lowe Museum has invited me to appear at a book signing event at the museum on Thursday, June 29. This will be my last signing before I head back to Los Angeles for the summer, and part proceeds from every copy of Those Who Stayed sold that day will benefit the museum.

If you’re on Green Turtle Cay next Thursday, I hope you’ll drop by and say hello!

THOSE WHO STAYED Now Available at Marsh Harbour's Sand Dollar Shoppe

For those of you who’ve asked, my new book Those Who Stayed, is now available in Marsh Harbour at the Sand Dollar Shoppe.

And, I’m excited to announce that the folks at the Sand Dollar Shoppe have invited Alton Lowe and me to appear in-store for a book signing event on Saturday, May 13th! (Which happens to be the day before Mother’s Day, so if you’re looking for a gift for Mom, come on by.)

Amanda Diedrick, author of Those Who Stayed, and Alton Lowe, whose paintings are featured in the book will appear at a book signing May 13th at the Sand Dollar Shoppe in Marsh Harbour Bahamas

The Sand Dollar Shoppe is located on Bay Street, just opposite the Abaco Beach Resort, and Alton and I will be in-store from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For more information, contact the shop at (242) 367-4405 or get in touch with me directly.

Hope to see you May 13th!














Ronnie Butler Jr. Gives Rare Bahamian Performance January 7 on Green Turtle Cay

Every Bahamian knows the name Ronnie Butler. Dubbed “the godfather of Bahamian music,” his calypso rhythms and satirical lyrics have been woven into the country’s cultural tapestry for more than fifty years.

What some may not realize, however, is that Butler’s son and namesake – known as Ron – is also a multi-talented entertainer. And though he has sung and acted on stages the world over, Ronnie Butler Jr. has not performed in his home country for decades.

Ronnie Butler Jr. Gives Rare Bahamian Performance January 7

Ronnie Butler Jr.

On January 7, however, he’ll perform at Green Turtle Cay’s Bluff House Beach Resort as part of An Evening to Remember, a cocktail reception and fundraiser commemorating the 40th anniversary of the island’s Albert Lowe Museum.

Last Call for Tickets to "An Evening To Remember" January 7 on GTC

Last Call for Tickets to "An Evening To Remember" January 7 on Green Turtle CayIf you haven’t yet bought tickets for An Evening to Remember, taking place at Bluff House Beach Resort & Marina on January 7, you’ve got less than two weeks! We need to provide a final headcount a week before the event, meaning tickets will only be sold until December 31. No tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

An Evening to Remember, a 40th anniversary celebration and fundraiser for Green Turtle Cay’s Albert Lowe Museum, will include:

Daily Photo – November 28, 2016

Capt Roland Roberts and Harold Lowe with Turtle

Photo courtesy of the Albert Lowe Museum, Green Turtle Cay

It’s Museum Monday! Today’s photo shows Captain Roland Roberts (left) and Harold Lowe with a large turtle. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, turtle fishing was a lucrative occupation. Whereas a full day’s work earned a Green Turtle Cay labourer less than two shillings, one hawksbill turtle shell could bring in £8-10.



Lucayan Remains Found on Long Island

Centuries before the arrival of the Eleutheran Adventurers and Loyalists, Lucayan Indians made their homes in the Bahamas. Having migrated north from Hispaniola a thousand years ago or more, as many as 40,000 Lucayans are thought to have lived among the Bahamian islands.

Lucayan Remains Found in Long Island, Bahamas

In this original oil painting by Alton Lowe, Lucayans make their traditional Palmettoware pottery.

Can You Help Create An Evening to Remember?

As I posted last week, we’re planning an elegant cocktail reception/fundraiser at the Bluff House Beach Resort on January 7, 2017 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Green Turtle Cay’s Albert Lowe Museum.

I’ve volunteered to collect donations of merchandise and/or services to be used as door prizes and silent auction items. Can you help? If so, please get in touch with me.

Door Prizes and Silent Auction Items Needed for An Evening to Remember. Can you help?

Hints of Green Turtle Cay's Past: The Wreck of the U.S.S. San Jacinto

One thing I learned while writing Those Who Stayed is that, though time and circumstances have erased much evidence of Green Turtle Cay’s fascinating history, a few clues remain — if you know where to look.

Hints of Green Turtle Cay's Past: The Wreck of the U.S.S. San JacintoOne glimpse into the cay’s past can be found along the Settlement Creek waterfront…

Happy 40th Anniversary to GTC's Albert Lowe Museum

Join us on January 7 as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Green Turtle Cay's Albert Lowe Museum!

Artist, historian and founder of the Albert Lowe Museum, Alton Lowe.

It’s hard to believe, but before the Bahamas gained independence in 1973, few Bahamians knew very much about their own history.

“We were taught English history in school,” my cousin Alton Lowe told me. “It wasn’t until I went to the U.S. to study art that I learned about the history of my own country.”

The more Alton learned, the more dedicated he became to preserving the information for future generations, and ensuring that all Bahamians had the chance to learn about their unique roots.

What Alton discovered about his home country shaped his artistic career — most of his oil paintings feature colourful and traditional Bahamian scenes and people.

It also inspired him to purchase a historic Green Turtle Cay home and establish the Albert Lowe Museum.

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