Can You Name These Green Turtle Kids?

Came across this photo while I was going through some archives last night. It was taken in Green Turtle Cay sometime around 1970 – give or take a few years. How many of these kids can you name?

In fact, why don’t we make it interesting? Take your best guess in the comment section below. The first person to guess all the correct names (or whoever has guessed the most correct names by Friday, Nov 17) will receive a 2018 Green Turtle Cay wall calendar.

UPDATE: Friday, November 17th. Here’s a photo with the names of the kids, courtesy of the Island Roots Heritage Festival organizing committee.

Congratulations to Trina Lloyd-Cooper, who got the most names correct! A 2018 Green Turtle Cay calendar is on its way to you!






  1 comment for “Can You Name These Green Turtle Kids?

  1. Trina lloyd-Cooper
    November 14, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    1. Gilbert reckley
    2. Nora McIntosh
    3. Jimmy Roberts
    4. Euturpy McIntosh
    5. Raymond Lowe
    6. Susy Sawyer
    7. Victor Cooper
    8. Sherry Russell
    9. Andrew McIntosh
    10.Susan Beckley Jones
    11. Wade Cash
    12.Fayne Bootle
    13. Randy Russell


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