Sweet Decor Inspiration

Much of Green Turtle Cay’s wealth in the late 1800s was generated through the cultivation and export of pineapples. At that time, the fruit was a rare luxury for European royalty and upper classes and a symbol of hospitality and grace in colonial America.


Image: Wikipedia Commons

In some colonial circles, a dinner party was not complete without at least one pineapple in the table centerpiece. Those whose budgets did not allow for the purchase of a pineapple could rent one for the evening.

To signal their return from a voyage to friends and neighbours, American sea captains placed pineapples outside their homes. Inspired by this tradition, architects, artisans and craftsmen introduced pineapple motifs into their work. Renditions of the fruit could be found sculpted into gates, doorknockers, weathervanes and bedposts, stenciled onto walls and floorings and woven into linens and draperies.

Having always loved the pineapple motif and all it symbolizes, and I’ve been researching some simple, elegant ways to incorporate them into Fish Hooks. Here are a few favourites from my decor inspiration file.






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