4 thoughts on “Daily Photo – July 23, 2016

  1. Amanda –   “Wrigley, you aren’t in California anymore”, to paraphrase Dorothy speaking to Toto!  Your daily photos are now posting just after 9:30 pm PDT!  Not complaining, you understand, just an FYI in case you aren’t aware. Is the relocation to DC semi-permanent or temporary, perhaps until the national elections are over?  Seems like it was only a year or 2 ago that you did the “relo” / move in Pasadena.  I am betting that living on the east coast is making getting to and from GTC a bit less expensive and time consuming than LA to GTC was!   – Gayle

    • Hi, Gayle. Thanks for pointing that out! I forgot about the time difference. Yes, getting to and from GTC is certainly easier from the east coast. I can leave here at 6am and be in Abaco by noon. Much nicer than flying overnight!

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