Good News and Bad News Regarding Lydia

Yesterday, I posted an update about Lydia, the great white shark who’s been tracked near Abaco. Lydia’s tag hasn’t “pinged” revealing her location in close to 18 months. That seemed unusual, so I contacted OCEARCH to ask if they were concerned.

lydia, bahamas, great white, shark
Lydia (photo courtesy of OCEARCH)

They were kind enough to reply promptly, and the news is mixed.

Green Turtle Cay’s Albert Lowe Museum Reopens

After having been closed for several months of restoration and repairs, the Albert Lowe Museum has now reopened. 

Main level of the Albert Lowe Museum
Main level of the Albert Lowe Museum (Photo by Tom Walters)

In addition to replacing the roof, and working to restore the museum’s rose garden, we’ve refinished the floors on the main level, repainted parts of the interior and purchased some new display cases. 

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